Phyliss L. Geller, Publisher and Editor is a published poet in both anthologies and poetry magazines. She has been writing since 1974.  Her poetry has been published by Pegasus,, Harp-Strings Poetry Journal (Spring & Summer issues) and has upcoming work in the prestigious journal Blue Unicorn.  

She recently won  honorable mention for her poem "Lawn Chair Perspective Unlimited" in the 2005  Poets of the Palm Beaches Contest in the Free Verse category.


Ms. Geller is also a trained psychotherapist. Her ability to fuse both disciplines enables her to delve deeply into the meaning and mechanisms of poetry. Her goal is to publish poetry that captures the moment and is infused with a deeper understanding of the wisdom of life; and provides the reader with the experience of literary excellence.


The language in the poem "Cross Ventilation" immediately placed me in the hot summer night where the poem is set. - Anthony Pomes, Square One Publishers


Marylin Krepf, Literary Editor is the author of a book of poetry, Half Past Sunset which was favorably reviewed by both Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal. Her works have appeared in poetry journals and anthologies and in the book The poetry of the Vietnam War. She recently won first prize in a national competition sponsored by

The Poetry Society of Tennessee.


I really felt a strong impact from Marylin Krepf's "I Believe in Blood in a Rain that Melts the Dead"
Anthony Pomes, Square One Publishers


Heidi Kaestner, Cover Artist Volumes VI   A native New York artist, her two passions in life are spirituality and art. A fervent seeker of Truth and Wisdom, her art reflects a depth of spirit.  "Art is like a prayer for me" she says,  "it is a form of meditation, and a wonderful way to find the hidden secrets of the soul, and then share with others what you have found." 


Caryn Suko Smith, Art Director Volumes I-III is an award-winning art director with twenty-plus years of graphic design, magazine design and marketing experience. Ms. Smith is owner/principal designer for Suko Creative Communications.


Ms. Smith began her training at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) and continued at Virginia Commonwealth University where, in 1985, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Ms. Smith has since worked as a graphic designer/art director specializing in, but not limited to, publications design. First employed as assistant art director for an association, she caught a love for publication design. From there, her work at a public relations firm, a small design studio, and a consumer publisher broadened her graphic design experience. With increasingly senior positions from designer to creative director and ultimately to associate publisher, she gained perspective, especially as an associate publisher, on the business and management side of publishing.


Desiring to return to hands-on design, she launched Suko Creative Communications in 1998 to offer her clientele art direction, editorial direction, and marketing services for projects including magazines, reports, convention materials, advertisements, brochures, displays, and Web design. A partial client list includes: Army National Guard, American Foreign Service Association, Automotive Recyclers Association, Bell Atlantic Creative Services, CommTek Communications, and Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


Ms. Smith is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at the Savannah College of Art & Design.


“Now time is spinning

yet I slow like

sand in an hour glass.


I have never experienced

what I know with you.

Once more I am

that fetus resurrected

shimmering in the womb.”

Phyliss L. Geller

Excerpt from Meeting you



“Measures of the

flesh and soul:

you can feel the wind

through your hands,

the sacrament of a kind word.”
Marylin Krepf

Excerpt from Alive  from  Half Past Sunset